Business Rules Documentation

One of the common bottlenecks in business is the link between the business people and the information development people. Both have their own terms and often refer to the same thing in different ways. In order to fill the gap between business and developers, a business rules repository can play a critical role.

A business rule is a statement that defines or constrains some aspect of the business. A business rule may be considered as a user requirement that is expressed in non-procedural and non-technical form.

A business rule repository is used to document and translate application business rules into application functions. This is a communication method that ensures that the business rule as stated by the business subject matter expert (SME) (or report requester) can be properly understood by the report development team and is subsequently effectively translated into reports.

To view existing rules or document a new business rule, click here.

Business Rule Documentation Procedure

The UNSW Business Rule Procedure provides steps and a consistent format for documenting business rules either for the purpose of gaining a complete understanding of what is in the report/job or to implement them as report requirements.

The procedure can be downloaded from the link below.