Collibra Data Governance Centre

The Collibra Data Governance Centre tool is the primary way that UNSW manages business glossaries, data dictionary and reference data

The Collibra Data Governance Centre supports key data governance, data ownership and data stewardship activities. This tool is how the UNSW  data and information governance operating model is being implemented. 

Collibra supports the UNSW Data & Information Governance committee framework and data ownership model.

All UNSW staff can view the Collibra Data Governance Centre tool - click here to access.

You will redirected the UNSW ADFS login page and will need to enter your zID as follows to access the Collibra Data Governance Centre tool:

Data Governance Center is a business-facing data governance solution. You can store and track data, create reports, use workflows to validate your data and so on.

Please check on the how to setup IT project in Collibra.

Collibra Data Governance Everywhere (DGE) is a Windows application that allows us to search for a term in your UNSW Data Governance Center environment from any application, for example a PDF, Doc or a web browser, just by using a single keyboard shortcut.

From any asset, you can easily browse to its relations, or open its page in UNSW DGC environment itself for advanced actions. If you like to use the content of an asset, you can export the asset page to portable documentation format (PDF) or a Word document.

Instead of exporting the complete asset page, you can select the content that you need and copy and paste it in your application.