Data Cookbook

The Data Governance Centre tool is called Data Cookbook, and it supports the UNSW Data & Information Governance committee framework and data ownership model. It also supports key data governance, data ownership and data stewardship activities. This tool is how the UNSW data and information governance operating model is being implemented. 

The Data Cookbook tool is the primary way that UNSW manages business glossaries, data dictionary and reference data.

All UNSW staff and contractors can view the Data Cookbook here - click here to access.

You will redirected a UNSW login page and will need to enter your and password to access the UNSW Data Cookbook.

If you are a Data Owner or Data Steward please log in first and then advise the Data & Information Governance team so we can add you to the relevant groups.

If you require technical support for Data Cookbook please click this link and log a ticket: Data Cookbook Support Request