Data Governance Committees

At UNSW there are a number of key roles in Data Governance across the University, a brief description of these roles follows below:

Data & Information Governance Committees

At UNSW Data & Information Governance is managed via these committees:

  • Data & Information Governance Steering Committee - this group meets on a quarterly basis and reports on an annual basis to the UNSW Executive and Council, it sets the strategic direction and approves the annual work plan for data and information governance.
  • Research Data Management Steering Committee - this is the Research led committee that is delegated by the DGSC and is responsible for oversight of research data governance and research data management 

These committees provide two-way communication between stakeholders, UNSW Planning & Performance, and the Data & Information Governance Steering Committee in relation to matters relating to data and information governance, data management, business intelligence, analytics, and operational reporting.

UNSW Planning & Performance is committed to working in close partnership with key University stakeholders to ensure the successful development of systems and processes to support business intelligence, analytics, and data and information governance. From time to time various working groups are delegated by the DGSC and provide a University cross-functional group that is established to provide advice, input and feedback in relation to data and information management related programs across UNSW.