Data Handling Guideline

This outlines the requirements for the Handling of UNSW data as endorsed by the Data Governance Steering Committee and UNSW Data Governance Framework (DGF).

This guidance should be used in conjunction with UNSW Policy, Standards and Procedures, the following of which are most applicable.

  • Data Governance Policy
  • Research Data Governance & Materials Handling Policy
  • Data Classification Standard
  • IT Security Policy – Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • IT Security Standard - Secure Algorithm List (SAL)

This guidance commensurate with Data Classification, determines, how to protect & handle information with a consideration of the information’s type, importance, and usage. The guidelines outline the minimum level of protection necessary when performing certain activities, based on the classification of the information being handled.

UNSW personnel can access the current data handling guideline here (zID and password required for access).