Data Ownership & Roles

Confirmed Institutional Data Areas and Data Owners

For the list of data owners and systems please refer to the UNSW Sources of Truth on Confluence. zID and VPN are required for access.

Data Roles 

Data Roles

Data Executive

A senior leader providing executive level direction, scope and prioritisation for the data assets. This role is delegated by the Data Governance Steering Committee and will be an escalation point to resolve any issues that are unable to be resolved by the Data Owners and Data Stewards. This role delegates day-to-day accountability for the data area to one or more Data Owners. This role may be responsible for a data area that cuts across traditional organisational boundaries.

  • Provides leadership in management of data for a particular Data Area, has oversight of data quality and works to resolve conflict regarding data assets
  • Provides direction and priorities in specific Data Area
  • Takes leadership support for the data quality principles, policies and standards across the Data Area

Data Owner

A business leader who is accountable for the quality of the data assets, focused in a particular data area (the data area may cut across traditional organisational boundaries). This person is responsible for day-to-day decision-making regarding the specific data area. This role is accountable to the Data Executive. In other organisations this role might also be called 'Data Custodian'.

  • Ownership of the Data Area on day-to-day basis – accountable for oversight of Data Quality within a specific Data Area
  • Provide managerial support for the Data Governance program and develop data management artefacts
  • Provide operational help around planning and issues resolution relating to the Data Area
  • Work with Data Stewards to develop and deliver the Data Governance plan for their Data Area

Data Stewards

A functional or operational leader who represents that business unit in respect of a specific data area. The main difference between a Data Owner and a Data Steward is that the latter is responsible for the quality of a defined dataset on a day-to-day basis within a specific business or operational unit. 

  • Represent functional or operational areas across the University
  • Responsible for data quality in their respective business areas
  • Work with the Data Owner to develop and deliver the Data Governance plan for their Data Area
  • Identify and fix data issues within their respective business areas
  • Document and log data quality issues in source systems for resolution
  • Provide defined processes for conformance of data to acceptable levels

Data Specialists

Subject Matter Experts and data or systems specialists across UNSW. These people work in alliance with the other three roles to ensure that data quality and effective data management is in operation across UNSW data assets.

Data Creators

Data Creators are responsible for the creation of research data and primary materials. Original research data and primary materials generated in the conduct of research at the University is owned and retained by the University, subject to any contractual, statutory, ethical, or funding body requirements. Researchers are permitted to retain a copy of the research data and primary materials for future use, subject to any contractual, statutory, ethical or funding body requirements.