Data Sharing Agreements

Data Sharing Agreement Request Form

If you think you might need to do a Data Sharing Agreement please complete the request form and someone from the Data & Information Governance Office will be in touch to assist.

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Existing Data Sharing Agreements

The University's completed Data Sharing Agreements are provided here (zID and UNSW VPN required for access) for your information.

About Data Sharing Agreements @ UNSW

Since data are a University asset it is a requirement for all users who seek to use data from a UNSW system to obtain permission from the Data Owner prior to such use.

Where there is a requirement to use data from one system in another system (or with an external party to the University) it is a requirement to obtain a signed data sharing agreement that has been approved by the relevant Data Owner. If you are unable to ascertain who is the Data Owner please check the Sources of Truth @ UNSW (UNSW VPN and zID required to access).

    If you need help 

    Please contact the Data & Information Governance office via email:

    • Remain bound to the Privacy Act (NSW), Higher Education Support Act and UNSW Guidelines and policies
    • Maintaining integrity and security of data according to the UNSW Data Handling policies
    • Agree to use that information only for the purposes for which the information was disclosed
    • Not share, or disclose information unless authorised or permitted to do so
    • If in doubt, please contact the Data & Information Governance Office via email here.
    • Purpose of the agreement 
    • Scope
    • Definitions
    • Protocol statement
    • What information is being disclosed and collected and the purpose(s) of each
    • The frequency and duration of information exchanged
    • The legal authority to disclose and collect the information
    • The methods and security measures for transferring and storing the information
    • Procedures in the event there is a privacy or security breach
    • Limitations for collection, use, disclosure and retention

    All new use cases must be reviewed by the Data Owner or their delegate for acceptable use.

    All reported data must be aggregated and cannot display any personally identifying information unless approved by the Data Owner or their delegate.

    Any ad hoc analyses or other use of the data, not specified in this Agreement, is not permitted without the prior written agreement of the Data Owner.

    The following items must be included:

    • Compliance monitoring
    • Termination process
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Collection
    • Use
    • Disclosure
    • Retention
    1. Complete the Data Sharing Agreement Request Form
    2. Lodge the DSA request form and the Data & Information Governance Office will be in touch
    3. Once DSA is approved you may commence access to the requested data.

    Any questions please contact us via email: