Data Governance Policy

Submitted by Kate on Fri, 05/25/2018 - 12:01


UNSW has had an institutional Data Governance Policy for several years now. It was developed in consultation with academic and professional staff, and it has been subject to revision based upon staff feedback.

The purpose of the Data Governance Policy is to:

  • Define the roles and responsibilities for different data creation and usage types, cases and/or situations, and to establish clear lines of accountability.
  • Develop best practices for effective data management and protection.
  • Protect the University’s data against internal and external threats (e.g. breach of privacy and confidentiality, or security breach)
  • Ensure that the University complies with applicable laws, regulations, exchange and standards
  • Ensure that a data trail is effectively documented within the processes associated with accessing, retrieving, exchanging, reporting, managing and storing of data.

This policy applies to all institutional data used in the administration of the University and all of its Organisational Units. This policy covers, but is not limited to, institutional data in any form, including print, electronic, audio visual, backup and archived data. This policy applies to all UNSW staff, contractors and consultants.

Link to the Data Governance Policy.

UNSW Data Governance Policy Mapping 12 June 2018
UNSW Data Governance Policy Mapping 12 June 2018