Research Data Governance & Materials Handling Policy

The Research Data Governance & Materials Handling Policy is now in force for all people working on research at UNSW.

This policy outlines the requirements, roles and responsibilities associated with access, retrieval, storage, disposal and backup of UNSW research data and materials, as well as best practice measures to enable compliance with these requirements.

Research data are a strategic asset of UNSW, which makes the appropriate governance regarding management and use of research data critical to the University's operations. Data governance involves creating and implementing rules to protect and get the most benefit from data. Lack of data governance could expose the University to unwanted risks and may lead to improper management of UNSW assets.

Research data and materials allow research findings to be validated and have long-term value as a potential resource for future research and teaching. Good practice in research data governance and materials handling benefits the wider research community by enabling future researchers to publish, share, cite and reuse the research data and materials by reducing the risk of loss and corruption.

‘Good data management is good research’ is the principle upon which our approach to managing research data and materials at UNSW is founded. This Policy has been developed in response to the specific needs of the research community. Additionally, an overarching UNSW Research Data Governance Framework (RDGF) has been developed.

Data Governance Mapping as at 17 June 2019

Research data contacts

For all research data management matters, please email or visit the Research Data Management webpage.