System Classification

At UNSW we classify systems to determine the maximum level of data classification (e.g. Public, Private, Sensitive, Highly Sensitive) at which the system can store and process data.

We classify data using the Data Classification Standard and systems are classified using the System Classification Tool (zID required to access). The Tool is intended for use by System Owners / System Administrators / anyone who has in-depth knowledge of the system including Data Executives or Data Owners.

A system's classification is completely separate to the classification level of the data it stores. The system classification process simply tells us to what level of classification that system can safely store data. For example, a system classification of "Highly Sensitive" means that the system in question can store data safely for any classification up to and including Highly Sensitive.

Use of the System Classification Tool ensures that UNSW systems have been classified against the UNSW Data Handling Guidelines (zID required to access) and Data Classification Standard. All classified systems are listed in the Confluence table (zID required to access).

For information about how to classify your system please download the System Classification Tool, which is available here (zID required to access).